The VOX-logo

The word VOX means voice. The colors of the VOX-logo are blue, black and white.
Blue represents silence, serenity and water. Water, because the world cannot cope without it, life on earth depends on it.  Water also stands for spiritual water, the synonym for the Word of God.
That's why the word VOX is not only written in blue, it has an reflective surface, so it can reflect the light on the dark side of the earth.

Black stands for darkness, night, fear, loneliness. That's the place where VOX can make a difference, that's the working area of VOX, so that's the place in the logo where the word VOX should be.  The world is placed half on black, half on white. It's symbolic for the disharmony and struggle that lives among the people.

White is the color for light, knowledge, truth, believe; white is pure and honest.  VOX is reflecting all that, in places where it is needed.  The word VOX is not horizontally placed, it stands: VOX is an active organisation.

The two arrows are embracing the world.
They are symbolic for the hands of God, who loves His creation, the world and all the people on it ("He's got the whole wide world in His hands").
The arrows are also representing the way the Word of God is spreading all over the world, in early days by cassette, later by CD, now by internet.
The VOX-sermons are for many listeners the voice of God, His hands; it's for them a way in which God touches them, leads them, gives comfort, shelter, hope, joy.

The arrows also go through the O of the word VOX: symbolic for the sermons, which go through the voice of God (it's an assignment), and by the heart of VOX and it's volunteers, around the world.