Who is VOX

Vox is an organisation that spreads the Full Gospel message over the whole world. Originally translated sermons were recorded onto cassette tapes and sent by post to addresses both in the Netherlands and abroad. When the tapes became obsolete the translated sermons were recorded on to CD's. Vox has now made the move on to the internet.

How did Vox start?

In the late '70's Mrs. Joan Wilschut had a vision from God about spreading the gospel by means of audio-cassettes. This vision became reality, and Vox now has about 1,000 subscribers in 60 different countries. Many of the  subscribers are Bible schools, churches and missionary societies, as well as private addresses.

How is Vox run?

Vox is an organisation made up of volunteers who are firm believers in the message that Vox sends out, and in general members of a Full Gospel Church. The sermons are selected for translation by a committee, made up of board members, and church members from various Full Gospel churches. The committee has the important task of selecting suitable sermons which ensure the continuation of the Full Gospel message, with insight into the spiritual world. The selected sermons are screened for any necessary alterations and/or passages that need to be explained in more detail, and are then sent on to be translated and recorded. The sermons are then ready to be despatched. It is God's work and He watches over His word!

This gospel message already reached 60 countries, but is now available on the internet which will enable an even greater outreach. All the people involved in Vox are voluntary workers and once a year they all meet together for a time of sharing, of both personal and practical matters. It is always a precious time of encouragement for everyone.